3 New Media & PR Blogs You Should Know About & Why

3 New Media & PR Blogs You Should Know About & Why

No. 1 The Future Buzz

Perhaps one of the most favorable go-to site for new age PR mavens, the Future Buzz offers invaluable insights into the tomorrow of the public relations and marketing industry. Adam Singer (founder of this beautiful blog) and his staff and guest contributors disseminate useful information on hot topics ranging from digital marketing and public relations to SEO techniques and web trends analyses around the clock. Whether related to public relations and marketing or not, visitors are expected to, as Adam puts it, “become successful in spreading buzz online for whatever you’re doing on or off the web.” Embedded in a clean yet eye catchy page frame, the blog posts in this site offer practical advices: they share little similarity with blog posts that are titled “5 Things You Should Know About SEO.” Rather, most authors are actively attracting readers to abandon cliché advices by thinking and acting critically on their clients’ behalf. This, alongside with the variety and depth of content offered, brings in a large number of frequent readers.

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No. 2 Social Media Explorer

Social Media Explore is created by a team of PR and marketing experts who are namely invested in exploring the intersection of new media and public relations. Similar to The Future Buzz and other top-rated digital public relations and marketing blogs, Social Media Explorer offers posts covering a wide array of topics. The blog also serves as a front page for Nichole Kelly and her group to promote their products and services. The practice of PR agencies keeping a blog to share important insights into the trading environment is quite common. What makes this website stand out is how much visible efforts and deep thoughts these explorers have put forth in their writing. No, they do not produce content for content’s sake, but rather offer substantial materials that widen the readers’ horizon by leading them to places they have yet become familiar with. This blog not only covers the new age stuff- social media related topics, SEO, digital marketing, etc., but also touches on the basic- media and journalism that public relations relies on. Overall, this is an incredible hangout spot for those who need a daily scoop of social media and new age PR updates.

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No. 3 Brian Solis

Principal analyst at Altimeter and a renowned author, Brian Solis recently published a book that predicted The End of Business As Usual as he continues to produce insights that help companies become Web 2.0 friendly and Web 3.0 ready.  This goes a long way in telling how much Brian believes in the power of new media and his opposition to operating business in routine mechanical motions. Perhaps due to Brian’s industrial analyst background, content of this blog seems mostly corporate-relevant. In addition to basic new media and social media biz, the site regularly generates articles under the category of social/community issues, making this already useful public relations hub even more appealing to PR pros. Few blogs would devote an entire section to social issues, but in an era where context might be even more important than content doing so is certainly a move in the right direction. Brian and his blog contributors have a distinct voice that often sound more rational and critical than some “social media gurus” who might exaggerate the significance of social media to the survival of businesses.

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