A Critique of Samsung’s Online Media Room

A Critique of Samsung’s Online Media Room

Samsung Electronics is a globally known South Korean technology conglomerate. It manufactures and sells mobile phones, televisions, computers, tablets, cameras, camcorders, and home appliances for customers all over the world. Samsung Galaxy SIII embarks the latest and most controversial product of the company that is directly competing against Apple’s iphone5 in both sales and legal matters.

Compared to its major competing corporations including LG, SONY, Panasonic, and even Apple, Samsung possesses a very comprehensive and compacted online media room. Samsung’s media room is made up by a series of 2-colomn web pages- with directory items and search bar on the left and content on the right. A complimentary social media bar with options to tweet, like, +1, and pin is located atop the pages.

While many other corporations, e.g., SONY have utilized relatively static webpages for media rooms, Samsung actually offers a simple but interactive slideshow for the “Featured News” section. This is done by incorporating basic jQuery and flash coding into the construction of landing page. The act of including interactive designs in the landing page shows that Samsung’s public relations department understands how important it is to engage web browsers’ attentions with interactive user interfaces. Surprisingly, none of Samsung’s competitors listed above seems to have taken the relationships between web interactivity and browser engagement as seriously as Samsung.

To better help reporters and journalists find useful information in a timely fashion, Samsung deliberately divide associated news into different categories: U.S. News, CES News, Computing News, Content/Service News, etc. When searching for information, journalists can easily scroll through the list of press releases located under an appropriate category. Most of the news releases come with downloadable images or other media forms.

Samsung’s newsroom features releases that not only cover product and service news of the company but also highlights community outreach work that the company has undertaken. Media workers who need immediate access to specific personnel of the PR department are able to directly contact the correspondent person by emailing.

In summary, the media room on Samsung’s official website is a very good example for many other corporations. It can benefit from making its sub pages more interactive, offer some more multimedia content along with its releases, and place a live feed section of its social media outlets in a more prominent spot. Nonetheless, Samsung’s media room is a very user-friendly microsite for journalists and reporters to identify news and collect important information.




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