A Critique of United Way’s Online Media Room

A Critique of United Way’s Online Media Room

United Way is an International community-based nonprofit organization that has over 18,00 locations in 45 countries and territories. The organization helps ignite human potential by offering education, income stability, and health improvement opportunities across the globe. With prominent partnership connections with many huge corporations and strong governmental supports, news associated with United Way are often ranked very high up on media outlets’ news radars.


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Similar to Samsung, United Way also maintains a complimentary a well-organized media room. Although the organization’s media center is far less interactive than that of Samsung and it rarely offers any images, it is visually pleasant for the eyes to look at thanks to the complementary colors that are used throughout the entire website.

The United Way media center utilizes a two-column layout format. Unlike Samsung, it puts the actual content on the left side and the navigation panel in the right sidebar. The header section of the pages lists downloadable print ads, logos, banner ads, and PSAs for easy access to standard resources that journalists may need. Based on my observations of the microsite, I assume that the organization is attuned to the timesaving needs for media workers and arranges its content based on their preference.

While the organization also categorizes its news into different fields like Samsung, it also splits press releases into different groups based on authors. Such tactic might prove helpful when journalists are looking to read content written by a specific person. However, it is odd that the organization would place the categorical directory of authors before the directory for different subject matters. Personally, I believe that reporters would find more convenience in finding the kind of information they need not browsing through what another person may have written.

United Way did a good job in formatting their content according to modern web standards. My personal rating for this online media room is a 7 (out of 10). How would you have scored the news room? Have you come across some online news rooms that are engaging and worth sharing? Please share your valuable opinions with us.

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