An Intro To Socially-Driven Content Marketing

An Intro To Socially-Driven Content Marketing

Revocomm is launching a brand new series to familiarize content marketing mavens with the socially-driven content marketing strategy. A new chapter of this social media whitepaper will come out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evening.Interested in learning about this new concept? Stay tuned!


A paradigm shift in communications has taken place as the world of business goes social. Increasingly, marketers, public relations pros, and advertisers have picked up the signal and started to engage with consumers online via content marketing.

For many beginners and late comers of the trend, content marketing may sound fancy and mysterious. However, the practice of publicizing a brand with content has long been a tradition for many companies and agencies. In summary, content exists in every brand entity. Anything that a company/individual has ever created can be referred to as content, e.g. reports, company updates, books, news releases, photographs, etc. The idea of content marketing is not a new invention of the digital age.

What has changed is primarily the context of content marketing. Back in the old days, marketers pushed content through traditional mass media such as newspaper, television, radio, CDs, and books. Using traditional mass media could be costly, and the ROI of content marketing campaigns would be much more difficult to track and monitor. However, with the dawn of the Internet, a mind-boggling equation “E=MC” had started to gain momentum in the PR and marketing fields. Differed from the scientifically correct terminology, “E=MC” stands for Every Company Is A Media Company, meaning that every company can produce their own media and share them online to optimize exposure opportunities and generate conversions. Some entrepreneurs spot the opportunity to provide a new type of service by mixing the advantages of Internet with content marketing. HubSpot for example, is a Boston-based startup that specializes in helping companies improve their web presence via inbound marketing.

This is not the end of the story though. Online denizens, empowered by the social web, are developing new content consumption behaviors. In some cases, they require even more sophisticated content or context than what marketers are able to create. Brands in the modern era must realize that customers are social, and they want to be respected with personalized products and services. These products and services also include the content created on behalf of different businesses. This white paper will help marketers and/or business owners and mangers who have already understood the basis of online content marketing identify ways to produce socially-driven content.

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